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It's easy to get caught up in the national headlines that you sometimes become unaware of what's happening locally

The Environmental Exchange (TEx) was created to address the disconnect between people and local environmental news. Most people are aware of the big headlines, about natural disasters and policy changes on the federal and global level, but fewer are exposed to the stories relevant to their own area.


Because of this, many people don’t know how they can get involved in their communities, and believe that they have no role in the environmental legislation process aside from electing their political representatives. However, we want to change that — TEx advances the belief that it will be individual people who are willing to take responsibility and start initiatives in their own towns and cities that will lead us into a more sustainable future. 


Founded in Philadelphia, the ultimate goal of the TEx project is to create an open network that connects passionate environmentalists in different cities and towns across the US on a single platform. Community news, policy, and community events are all subjects that our reporters cover, and readers have the opportunity to learn how they can become more involved in the local regulatory process. Ultimately, not only do we aim to keep individuals engaged in the environmental news in their own area, but we also hope that people take inspiration from proposals in other areas and endeavour to apply these new ideas to their own municipalities. 


If you'd like to get involved and have ideas to post about your own area, contact us now! All sign-up requests without a contact inquiry will not be accepted.

The Environmental Exchange

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